How E-Tickets Digital Works For Organizers?

Feb 18 2023 11:28 PM

How E-Tickets Digital Works For Organizers?


How our booking fee works?

We only charge a small percentage as our convenience and admin fee. Each ticket sold is subject to only 5% BOOKING FEE per ticket ticketing fee regardless of the ticket prices. 

Note. Free tickets attract no ticketing fee or booking fee. (fundraisers, public/private events, etc...)


Event Set Up Tips:

Edit Your URL

You can edit the event URL which is generated as you type in your event name. IMPORTANT. Once you save the Event Description page you will no longer be able to edit the URL.


Create a Google Map Location

Enter the street address into the ‘Google Search Location' box at the top of the location setup page. Once you have found your address in the list which appears, you can adjust the other fields on the page. DO NOT EDIT THE Longitude/Latitude boxes. These are automatically generated based on the ‘Google xxx box and configure the Google Map picture attached to your event.


Add Booking Fee

Remember to ‘Add Booking Fee’ if you wish to pass on the booking fee to the buyers.


Publishing your event 

To publish your event, you must click publish in the ‘powered by’ menu.


All done? Now check your event

Once you’ve clicked published your event click ‘Browse Events’ and enter a word from your event title and hit return. Your event will appear, but mobile users may need to scroll up to see the results. Once you’ve located your event, click on it and check how it looks and that the Map is correct, and check the tickets to ensure the booking fee is visible if you added it.

You should now copy the URL which is visible in your browser window.